Quality Tutorial – Dont get scammed this yom tov season

In February’08 there was the YTT expo located in Lakewood, New Jersey. Many apparel vendors were there showing their new merchandise. It was really amazing to see so many businesses flourishing.
I saw something else that deserves a lot of our attention. Cheap imports. Some clothing retailers began importing items such as from Asia. Aside from being politically incorrect, the merchandise is far inferior.
Some stores have purchased this merchandise looking to gain a larger margin of profit (at your expense) others are offering it at steeply discounted prices. It may seem appealing to pay almost half the price you would normally pay. Buyer beware! This product will not hold up to normal wear and tear. It is not cut for optimal comfort and endurance.
I have taken the time to put together this quality tutorial for all consumers. Current MillineryShop.net customers and future customers.



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