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I want to start covering my hair….now what???

September 16, 2008

For many of us the decision to cover ones hair (or head) is a very difficult one. We agonize over what kind of comments we will receive from our friends, family and colleagues. Well we are here to help you pull it off! with advice and know how of years of experience.

If it’s your style – you can begin with a funky pretied bandana it is comfortable and so easy to wear. The last thing you need is to be uncomfortable physically as well as mentally. My next choice if funky is just not you is a small hat– not the kind you see people wearing Sunday morning!! but a neat, stylish, non-fussy hat.

After you make your choice-whatever your choice is you need only one more thing. CONFIDENCE!! Honestly, if you think you look great chances are others will too. So turn it on!!

Wishing you much Luck


If Sarah Palin covered her hair what would she wear?

September 11, 2008

Ok the woman has style, but she is also kind of no-nonesense. So, does that make her a pre-tied bandana lady or an all out big event hat women?

Rosh Hashana style for the Chassidishe ladies

September 2, 2008

NEW! Announcing by customer demand an all new style for the chassidish lady, Pre-tied cotton Foam Front Bandana.  That’s right a double layer pretied bandana with a cotton foam front for added hight. We have a nice selection of white designs special for the yomim noraim (High holidays). Our pretied’s are made in the USA no cheap imports on this site! All USA orders are a flat rate $2.00. Treat your self. Gmar tov!