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New Online Catagory

July 3, 2009

From time to time we find either great products that are hard to find – or unbelievable prices on hot items. We have made a new category to showcase these specials. ‘Online Exclusives’ is the place to check at least on a weekly basis! So check it out:) To visit online exclusives you can follow our link or just find it on our home page.


Alopecia and Cancer Outlet Store

January 18, 2009

Alopecia and cancer patients have come to enjoy Millinery Shop products. sometimes called head liners or cancer covers our products have become a wardrobe mainstay to those dealing with hair loss issues. We recently did some market research to try and find out what our customers like about our products. here is what we have found.

1.Our products are easy to put on and wear a whole day.

2. They wash well and are easy care.

3. Over 150+ styles there is something for everyone!

Always feel free to let us know how we can make your head covering experience easier.

Kids Bandanas PreTied

July 1, 2008

We have finally launched a new line of children’s pretied Bandana’s!  We have a one size fits all  for children 5-12 years old.  The bandanna  is pre-tied, hence the name. The banadana material is closed in the back using a flexible elastic that ensures a snug fit that stays in place. The fabric is breathable, washable and comfortable. Kids wear our bandanna’s for many reasons,  style, sun-coverage, health or hair loss.  We have posted many new styles and we are constantly adding more styles. If you ever see a style in our adult pretied’s that you don’t see in our childrens section – Just let us know! We will make any style we can available to you.

Quality Tutorial – Dont get scammed this yom tov season

April 9, 2008

In February’08 there was the YTT expo located in Lakewood, New Jersey. Many apparel vendors were there showing their new merchandise. It was really amazing to see so many businesses flourishing.
I saw something else that deserves a lot of our attention. Cheap imports. Some clothing retailers began importing items such as from Asia. Aside from being politically incorrect, the merchandise is far inferior.
Some stores have purchased this merchandise looking to gain a larger margin of profit (at your expense) others are offering it at steeply discounted prices. It may seem appealing to pay almost half the price you would normally pay. Buyer beware! This product will not hold up to normal wear and tear. It is not cut for optimal comfort and endurance.
I have taken the time to put together this quality tutorial for all consumers. Current customers and future customers.

Pre-Pesach Grand Opening Event

April 9, 2008

What a wonderful grand opening we had! Amazing feedback. Our grand opening sale was a three day event that actually ran into four (as we had some difficulties getting the emails out on time). All pretied bandanas were $8.50 and all pretied bandanas with studs or appliqués were $13.00. People really took advantage of these super hot prices.

Now we are on to our regular pricing. I searched our competition (not really competitors because our product rocks) our prices are super challenging. I would go as far and say the cheapest – but hey this is the web and I can’t check everyone out! I’ll leave that for you to do then come purchase from us.