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Alopecia and Cancer Outlet Store

January 18, 2009

Alopecia and cancer patients have come to enjoy Millinery Shop products. sometimes called head liners or cancer covers our products have become a wardrobe mainstay to those dealing with hair loss issues. We recently did some market research to try and find out what our customers like about our products. here is what we have found.

1.Our products are easy to put on and wear a whole day.

2. They wash well and are easy care.

3. Over 150+ styles there is something for everyone!

Always feel free to let us know how we can make your head covering experience easier.


About Millinery Shop

June 3, 2008 is an eCommerce solution to all your head-coverings and fashion needs. We cover the requirements of all head wear reasons, be it modesty, fashion, hair loss, bad hair day, health safety or religion. We carry a full line of head-coverings, pre-tied bandanas, snoods, tichels, kerchiefs, mitpachot turbans. We have a full range of stylish headbands, band-scarves, hair clips, jelly bands, and beautiful, high-quality, authentic and costume jewelry, all available to you at very competitive prices.

In many religions women cover their head for modesty. In earlier times it was considered more demure to cover ones hair. Uncultured, coarse women kept their hair free flowing, while the more refined and superior women kept their hair wound tightly in buns under hats.

Jewish Orthodox women traditionally cover their hair with a large range of coverings. Some use snoods, tichels, kerchiefs, turbans, pre-tied bandannas or wigs. Orthodox Jewish women have been covering their hair for centuries and while the concept of covering hair is the same, the styles change rapidly.

Millinery Shop has a wide variety of adaptive wear in the form of hats, turbans and wigs for patients that are suffering from hair loss. Our head-coverings are ideal for cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical patients.

Cancer Patients have found much needed comfort in our non itchy, sweat absorbing and stylish head coverings. With the effects of loosing ones hair you can still maintain a sense of fashion.

Our products have been known to greatly alleviate much discomfort, while covering bald spots of Alopecia areata patients. Initial presentation of Alopecia areata most commonly occurs in the late teenage years, early childhood, or young adulthood, but can happen with people of all ages who are apparently healthy and have no skin disorder. The full range of super stylish head-coverings in a beautiful variety of different fabrics will accommodate patients of any age, personality and lifestyle!

Professional chef? Need to comply with health regulations? Cover your hair when in the kitchen! Be prepared while cooking and make sure your hair is fully covered so no one gets an unwanted surprise in their food.

Doing volunteer work? Come prepared! Use the proven, age-old remedy against lice infestation (EW! GROSS!) and cover your hair!

You want to Exercise? Stay focused on your work-out and not your hair, slapping, whipping and sticking to your neck. Pull on a Pre-Tied Bandanna and ‘just do it’ right!

Choose high comfort pre-tied bandanas! Our bandannas come in 100 different top- quality fabrics and prints. The pretied style makes them easy to put on, easy to keep on, nice to look at, and most of all, you can wear it all day in comfort! Our unique pre-tied enclosure is in the back and is secured by elastic. The style remains the same as a classic bandanna, except it’s comfortable without that head-crushing feeling when you tie your bandanna too tight!